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Small Ensemble Groups

Helping KPS bring the music back!

Small Group Beginner Classes with some of Epics Music best teachers

  • Evan Batkin will be teaching Alto and Tenor Sax

  • Sean Emmett will be teaching Acoustic Guitar

  • Christine Buurman will be teaching beginner keyboard with the option of pitched percussion (Glockenspiel/Xylophone)



  • Wednesday 8am Saxophone

  • Thursday 8am Keyboard

  • Friday 8am Guitar

  • Lessons go for 45 minutes including set up and pack up time which students are responsible for.



Piano and Saxophone: In the School Hall, you may enter through the Thompson street side gate.
Guitar: 5K classroom- found on the top level.


How Much:

  • Lessons will work out at $14 per lesson - lessons will be invoiced by Epics Music and required to be paid per term in advance

  • Yes, you can use your creative kids vouchers!

  • No make-ups/catch-up lessons are offered if any are missed. Lessons will only be refunded or credited if the teacher is absent or the school is closed.

  • Instrument Hire is available through the school with an annual fee of $20. This will be arranged once enrollment is complete.

  • A lesson book will be required for lessons, this will be approximately $25 and will be available to purchased through Epics Music or at any music store.

  • All consumables will be the financial responsibility of the student. This may include, but not limited to, reeds, strings, guitar tuners, cleaning tools.


Most importantly! A Message from Christine:

"Mrs Webb contacted myself early this year, informing me of what has happened to the band as a flow-on affect from Covid and lockdowns. I have such fond memories of playing the glockenspiel (which I found still in great working condition!) when I was in the KPS band over 25 years ago. Being in the KPS band gave me such joy, and taught me many life skills that music teaches, such as resilience, responsibly, diligence, determination and more. Having lived in a rural area in Victoria where music had faded from the schools, it is my passion to make sure that doesn't happen here in the Illawarra. So naturally we had to jump on board!
The aim of these small groups is to learn the basics, develop skills needed to play in a band and potentially play together for Kiama Public School.
Evan, Sean and myself are extremely excited to start this new opportunity with you!"

You can download a copy of Epics Music KPS Studio Policy here.


To enrol or be placed on the waitlist complete the form here.

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