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Auto Payments

Auto Payment Set-Up

Step 1

Log into your My Music Staff account. This will use your email that invoices are sent to. If you can't remember your password simply press "forgot Password".

Step 2

Add your debit/credit card to your profile that you would like to use. You can follow the video below if needed. 

Step 3

Email Christine or Kirsten with your preferred monthly debit date and we will confirm with you how much will be deducted each month.

email here

Flex Week

Flex Week and Absences 

Changes: Currently - optional lesson in Flex week if 100% attendance

Updated - all students will have scheduled lessons during final week of term.

Currently, students are charged for 9 weeks per term leaving week 10 (or the final week) for one catch-up if needed. This is what we call "Flex-week". This has been a blessing for both families and teachers with so much sickness going around. With the benefits of zoom lessons, 99% of students take up the additional lesson. To ease confusion, moving forward all students will be scheduled for lessons for the whole school term based on the NSW public school terms. If this turns into an additional lesson these will be invoiced on your next invoice. If you require any further clarification please contact Christine to speak with her directly.

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